Please Note: I Only Currently Have Two One-2-One Spaces Available

Perhaps there’s always something in the way.

Maybe you have some notes down but are unsure how to organise your thoughts into an outline.

When you try to start, you get overwhelmed and your brain shuts down as you stare at the blank page or screen.

Possibly you’re even part-way written your book until you hit a wall, now your manuscript has sat untouched for ages.

Whether you want to capitalise on your professional expertise, share your story, or dream one up, this process will require so much heart, along with the drive that only can come from you. I will guide and motivate as your cheerleader, accountability buddy, and taskmaster where necessary, but ultimately doing the work is up to you. 

The process is an unfolding, not just of the book you’re writing, but who you are and want to be. It’s a discovery of parts of yourself you didn’t know were there while your endurance and emotions are tested. Because writing a book is not just writing a book; it reveals undiscovered elements of who you are. 

Who am I?

 I am a Writer, Editor, Book Doula, Editor, and Copywriter. That’s a lot of job titles, but it means that my entire work life revolves around helping people write books. I’ve personally written several books (one published here, more coming soon) and being a writer myself means I know how hard it can be: the ups and downs, highs and lows. But ultimately that with the right process in place guiding your steps, your book-writing ambitions are 100% achievable. You can see some of my past students work HERE.

The One-2-One Process

Working One-2-One with me is an acceleration of your book-writing ambitions. I will help you take your ideas and notes to create a manuscript outline to guide your progress to a finished manuscript. Getting to the finish line might take us six months, a year, or more – it all depends on you. I won’t write your book for you, but I will help remove blocks in your way so you can, but over a time-frame that won’t leave you burnt out and defeated. Self-care is always #1. 

  1. Self-study modules on the writing process including self-care while writing.
  2. Downloadable worksheets to organise your writing.
  3. Online brainstorming sessions to discuss your book, create an outline, and deadline schedule at commencement (up to 3 hours).
  4.  Regular online calls to check in and discuss your progress, or if you just need a pick-me-up about your writing. These will be determined by your requirements and deadline schedule, and need – as and when. 
  5. You’ll be invited to submit an unlimited amount of words per month for editorial critique. This is GOLD for any writer and accelerates your progress to completion. To provide perspective an average manuscript is 30,000 – 40,000 words and I charge $340USD/ £250GBP per 10,000 word. During the process I review your entire manuscript usually around four times.
  6. A full final manuscript read-through for one final polish.

Your Investment

Pay in full at the commencement – receive a 5% discount if this is your selected payment method. 

Pay a 50% deposit on commencement, with the final 50% due six months later. 

Pay a deposit of $1,350 (£1,000) to secure your place with a 10-month payment plan of $540 (£400) per month.

Ready to get started?

I only take students on for this service once we have had a face-to-face (online) chat. Book writing together is a bit like dating – there needs to be chemistry to last the distance together. Send Me A Message to schedule your free 15-minute chat. Please add a brief overview of your project in the message section.