Finding Time…

The latent stress of this never-ending churn of instability in our world has left everyone feeling malaise, especially when it comes to creativity. I feel it especially when I have Copywriting for business clients and am wistfully wishing to work on one of my books. Unfortunately, I am still in a position where I have to do these contracts to keep life puttering over, which leaves what feels like little time to let my mind wander free. But by comparison to my past in corporate roles, working probably 15 hours a week on contracts is not a lot.

I, fortunately, live in a place where my expenses are manageable, and I don’t have to work crazy hours to live – I still get time to be creative. And that is one of the main reasons I moved to Morocco: to reclaim my time and write. Moving to another country has been the ultimate self-care I have given myself to facilitate my writers’ life. Before – when I was working a corporate job in the UK for 50hours a week – I would get up at 6am to write and then write after work – for me and my health, that was simply not sustainable. So I chose a way to have both.

But perhaps a move like I’ve made would not be viable for you or your family. So how can you change things now in your environment to facilitate your creativity? How can you find space and time to go inwards and get words on a page? Start with one thing – like carving out fifteen minutes where you shut the door and breathe into your own body and mind, letting the words come. Then perhaps you can build a little bit more – every step on the creative path and towards the life you truly want is worth it.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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