It’s one that’s taken me on some strange and wonderful adventures, to equally peculiar places. But, some things are just meant to be.

Being a prolific reader as a child, it was inevitable that I became either a librarian or a writer. Reading was my escape; melting into an imaginary world meant that I could feel free, even for a moment. 

So, many years later, I have become a Writer, Book Doula, and Editor (with a Copywriting background), specialising in helping people write their own books. 

But writing is so much more than simply putting pen to paper. For many of us, it’s creative living that calls to us, away from the 9-5, 40 (or 50,60, 70+) hour a week grind. My creative life pursuit has led me to Morocco currently, living in Marrakech for the past two years. 

I love what I do.

You could say I don’t just write books and help others do the same. Instead, I am a seeker, finding truth and inspiration in life and on the page. It’s not always easy, but damn, it’s worth it. 

 I look forward to sharing this journey with you and helping you find your path. 

My Books

If you want to see what I write, you can find my books here.