My Writing Philosophy …

I don’t believe in…

Hustle to get something done for the sake of having a sell-able product.
Pushing yourself so hard you feel set to burst.
Forcing creativity.
Pushing to write a mandatory amount of words a day, completing a book in a month, or smashing out several books a year (unless that really is your thing).
Compromising your health – mental and physical – for your writing.

I believe in…

The slow burn.
Letting creativity unfurl in its time.
Growing into the person you are becoming so that can be infused in your writing.
Giving space to breathe – both to yourself and your work.
Staring at a wall, mountainside, a tree, or the face of a loved one – anything that sets your mind at peace and lets ideas come naturally.
Focusing on self-care as you, not your work, is the most crucial thing in your life.
If you need time off to watch Netflix, DO IT.
Sometimes you need to leave the computer or page and breathe the fresh air outside.
Work hard but don’t push – step aside and let it come.
Spend time with loved ones and friends.
Experience the world – it will enrich your writing.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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