The Dreaming Child: Requiem

Life on Earth’s surface ended after the Cataclysm. Will the Dreaming Child destroy what’s left, far below ground?

Capture the Dreaming Child and survival is possible.

Fail, and all free GenMods die.

The Dreaming Child is the human Citadel’s most dangerous weapon ever, created to destroy the GenMod resistance. She can infiltrate sleeping minds to steal secrets, and if she discovers the GenMod’s secrets it will end them. Warrior Phys twins, Sasha and Liam, are selected for the mission. MindFrame Quinn – a rare GenMod hybrid of humanoid and supercomputer – is the only one who can extract the Dreaming Child from the network with her mind intact. But the rescue takes a dark turn, and unbeknownst to the three GenMods and her human captors, the Dreaming Child is hiding more than anyone could have ever anticipated.


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