Kate Codrington

Menopause Facilitator and Writer  www.katecodrington.co.uk

Writing is necessarily a solitary process, and while focus is essential, this leads to tunnel vision. Celina brought her clear fresh eyes to the project and helped me to see how to refine the overall structure and fine-tune the language. Our writing is extremely sensitive; inner and outer critics have a field day, so submitting work for editing can be nerve-wracking. As a writer herself, Celina is well aware of this vulnerability and brings beautiful clarity to her suggestions, and her knowledge, kindness and encouragement are priceless. 

Karen Adams

“After losing our baby Bobby at 37 weeks and a tough fertility journey, I was inspired to write a book. What else can be done after such heartbreak besides help others? I had no experience in book writing whatsoever and no idea where to start. Luckily I found Celina and joined her One Year Book Writing Class. She and the group were incredibly supportive and helped me craft my book with each member providing insightful points to help me navigate such an emotional journey. Celina also considered my well-being and encouraged (and sometimes demanded) me to prioritise self-care through my book-writing journey which ensured I could make it to completion. I highly recommend working with Celina.

Jane Hennigan

Celina has been invaluable regarding the production of my recent novel. From overarching structural guidance to inline editing and proofreading, she has helped me shape the story, build character and stay organised; aspects which I’ve struggled with in the past. I know that without Celina’s hard work and attention to detail, this novel would never be realised. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Hilary Lewin

Woman’s Abdominal Health Expert/ Educator www.hilarylewin.com

I am so very grateful I have Celina on my team. Without her, I would not be birthing the book I talked about for the last three years. I would encourage anyone intending to write a book to hire Celina at the very start of your project. She will save you time and heartache from the moment you begin. The chances of me finishing my book are now 100%, before her it was just a pipe dream.

Nora F


Susan M

Gaye R